Privacy Policy

  • Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. On our website, we do not ask you for any personal information and the only place where we do ask for any information is on the 'Contact Us' page where we ask for your name and contact information so that we may be able to meaningfully direct our response to your message.
  • We do not sell or otherwise misuse this information for any purpose - commercial or otherwise. We reserve the right to store this information so that we may contact you in future in connection with or as a follow-up response to your message, unless you request us to the contrary and we acknowledge the same in writing. We also reserve the right to pass on your contact information to any third-party person, persons or entity duly appointed by us now or in the future, solely in connection with responding to or acting on your message to us.
  • For your safety and in the interests of traceability, if you send us a message through the 'Contact Us' page, we will record the IP address from where the message was sent but not any other information about you or your device.
  • By voluntarily sending us a message you agree to the above as well as to our general Terms of Use.